What is Gold Seal Hash?


Gold seal hash is steeped in tradition. Originally produced in the northern provinces of Afghanistan, it’s now available expertly hand-pressed in Canada. The delicious aromas and high potency of gold seal hash will give you a real sense of nostalgia, and take you back to the years when hash was more commonplace. There’s nothing quite like the power and quality of gold seal hash, and the best thing is it’s an incredibly versatile product. Passionate producers have worked hard to bring this Afghan tradition to you and it certainly won’t disappoint. If you’re new to this old-school brand of hash, here is a quick overview.


Where does gold seal hash come from?

Gold seal hash usually refers to traditional Afghan hash that’s produced in many places in and around Afghanistan. The best quality produce came originally from the northern provinces situated between Russian border and the Hindu Kush. The plants used were typically small and bushy Indicas that provide a large yield of short and stubby Kush. The traditional production method involved hand pressing these plants through tea or water. The hash is then worked hard to ensure maximum elasticity and flavor. The producers work painstakingly by hand to reach the best quality without cutting any corners. This is why the aroma of gold seal hash is so rich and it’s texture is perfect for many uses.


What is the difference between hash and weed?

The main difference between hash and weed is in the production process. Weed refers to cannabis flower which is dried and cured in preparation for many uses such as smoking, vaping, cooking, or for extracting concentrate. Hash, on the other hand, is made by separating cannabis resin and buds to produce a delicate extract. This process involves separating the trichomes and hand-pressing them into balls, blocks, cylinders, or coins, resulting in a stronger concentrate.

The flavor of hash is also different to that of weed. Whereas weed has a more floral or herbal aroma, hash tends to be rich, sweet, and spicy. This of course depends on the strain used to produce them and the quality. Gold seal hash in particular is a strong, complex mix of sweet and spice you’ll never forget. It’s often chosen for its incredible aroma and taste.

Another difference to point out is that hash usually has a higher potency. It can reach a strength of 40, 50, or 60% THC, with gold seal averaging at 41.7%. This means it works quickly and should not be underestimated. After consumption you can expect to wait a few minutes for the high to reach its full potential. You can always find out more information from your dispensary. They will be able to give you advice on how to use different types of hash.

Types of hash:

  • Kief / Pressed Hash
  • Rosin Hash
  • Hash Oil
  • Finger Hash
  • Bubble Hash


What are the benefits of hash?

Hash has similar benefits to those associated with other cannabis products, but these are heightened due to its potency. It can trigger a sense of euphoria and calm in users and is also used to treat pain caused by various physical conditions. Hash has potential benefits for both physical and mental health. The effects it has vary from person to person and it depends on how you decide to use it and how much.

The main benefits of hash can include relief of chronic pain, nausea, and inflammation. It has been said to relieve symptoms of conditions such as headaches and migraines, artists, and glaucoma. It’s also prescribed to those going under treatments for chronic and terminal illnesses. Hash is used to help treat mental health conditions as well such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia. This is due to the calming effect it has on your body and mind.

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What makes gold seal hash special?

What makes gold seal hash special is the quality. It’s been hand-pressed using traditional Afghan methods. The results are a clean, pure product that’s complex and potent. Gold seal hash is a treat for all the senses. It’s black on the outside, giving it the appearance of a dark chocolate bar. Inside it’s an earthy dark green or brown. It’s natural and almost appetizing to look at. Gold seal hash has a very complex, sweet yet spicy smell. Its powerful aroma makes it stand out from other types.

As well as having a wonderful, distinct flavor, gold seal hash is also very potent. It produces a physical, heavy, hazy, comfortable high. It only takes five minutes to reach its full potential, but then has long-lasting pleasant effects, depending on the tolerance of the user. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of one of the oldest cannabis by-products, sample gold seal hash. You can feel the quality produced by those traditional Afghan methods.


How can gold seal hash be used?

Gold seal hash is pretty versatile. It can be smoked in a pipe or joint, vaped, or used in edibles. It’s easy to use and will last for a long time. You can buy gold seal hash online to consume how you prefer. If you choose to vape hash, for example, you will find that the flavor is more intense and rich. This is ideal if you’ve opted for gold seal hash to appreciate its strong sweet and spicy aroma. You can also add a little to a joint for a lighter effect. If you are new to hash you can speak to your dispensary for further advice on how to use it.


Where can I buy quality hash?

You can buy quality hash like gold seal online from a reputable dispensary such as King Canna Canada. You can find a variety of cannabis-related products to suit any budget or lifestyle. Whether you’re new to the world of hash, or more of a connoisseur, you can find the right option for you. The friendly support team is always available for help and advice on what to choose. If you would like to learn more about how to buy gold seal hash and the benefits, click here.

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