Rosin (Gorilla Glue)


Rosin extraction relies on temperature and pressure to extract oils without the use of solvents. Essentially, the moisture within the flower helps decrease viscosity so the oils can flow better.

“Rosin is the cannabis oil and concentrate that is created when you apply heat and pressure to cannabis product. The process liquefies and extrudes the trichomes and cannabinoids out of the material that you are pressing. It really is the most simple extraction method.”

The trichome heads rupture to produce a shatter, butter or oil containing the desired compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes.

Rosin extraction is a relatively recent innovation within the marijuana industry, and techniques are continually evolving through experimentation. So why does a perfect extraction require a period of experimentation?

Each element in the extraction process exerts considerable influence over the makeup and quality of the final product.

The following ideas on controlling the rosin extraction are based on the use of a commercial extractor.  The more primitive the device, the less control one has over the elements. Understanding the role that each of the involved factors plays can direct a more educated experimentation process.