Miss Envy 3:1 Tincture

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3:1 CBD:THC Tincture from Miss Envy.



3:1 CBD / THC Tinctures can be hard to come by these days, but King Canna has you covered. Every 20 mL bottle contains 300 mg of high quality organic CBD and 100 mg of THC sourced from medical grade cannabis strains grown in Canada.The tincture sports a high bioavailability level that can be rapidly metabolized – meaning you will get all the results and benefits you’re looking for from this tincture faster than you would have thought possible!

Miss Envy’s 300mg CBD to 100mg THC Tincture.  Potent relief, without the puff.  Miss Envy’s line of solvent-free infused oil tinctures offers a clean infusion, in an easy to absorb fashion. Using an MCT base for natural bioavailability, our tinctures provide positive effects to the metabolism while carrying the relief of clean Cannabis extractions into the system.

It is easy to take as an additive or sublingually. The child-resistant 1 mL dropper also offers clean and clear dispensing, will less chance of spill and clearly marked volumes.


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