King Canna COVID-19 Response Plan

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We know this is a difficult time for everyone. In order to try and make things a little easier for our customers and staff during this difficult time we have instituted the following measures.

Staff Measures

  • We have instituted enhanced cleaning measures inside our premises.
  • We are limiting the number of customers in store.
  • Budtenders will be wearing gloves and other protective gear.

Patient Measures

  • Call Ahead. Please call ahead and make your orders so we can have them ready for you wheen you arrive
  • Social Distancing. Patients and budtenders should each maintain a 1metre (3.3ft) distance, which is approximately one to two arm lengths away. Do not directly touch anyone inside the store
  • Wash Your Hands. Washing hands is the most effective way to prevent the spread of viruses. Budtenders should wash their hands before interacting with any customer, and let customers know. When washing your hands, use ample amounts of soap and water and wash for at least 20 seconds. The most common way to run out 20 seconds on the clock is to sing Happy Birthday once through (preferably in your head) while washing your hands.
  • Order Online – This is the safest way to obtain your cannabis at the moment.

We are monitoring the situation closely and we will watch what’s happening locally and adjust business operations and policies as needed.

Streamlining the Online Ordering Process

In order to make online ordering even more convenient and cost effective. We have reduced the amount you need to order to become eligible for free shipping to $100 from $150 and decreased the shipping fee to $10 from $15.

We are also looking at other ways to make online ordering easier so you can avoid contact with the general public.

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