How to Use CBD Isolate: Everything You Need to Know

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how to use cbd isolate featured image As more and more people discover the benefits of using CBD products, they are also finding new forms and ways to use them. CBD isolate is one of those forms you may be more aware of recently.

CBD isolate is slightly different than other products, but it can still be used the same way. It looks different, too, but it’s also processed differently. Let’s take a closer look at what CBD isolate is and how you can use it to reap the benefits.

What is CBD Isolate?

Just as the name suggests, CBD isolate is when the CBD is removed from the rest of the cannabis plant. The oil, leaves, stalks, and all other compounds and residue are removed to isolate the CBD.

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This process leaves you with a crystalline powder and the purest form of CBD available. It will be almost 100% pure, more so than any other form. It is processed further than other oils or substances, and you are left with a crystallized powder.

How to Use CBD Isolate

The best part about the crystallized powder form of CBD is that you can use it anywhere. It’s so convenient and easy to use, you can take it anywhere and add it to anything you can dream up.

Add it to Food and Drink

This form of power will dissolve in any juice, tea, coffee, water, or any other liquid you use throughout the day. It is also perfect for adding to any food you are making.

Add it to your breakfast cereal, hot or cold. Maybe sprinkle some into your mashed potatoes, salad dressings, and so much more. It is odorless and tasteless, so there is no worry about ruining your dessert or morning smoothie with a bitter substance.

It is perfect for any hot or cold beverage, and it won’t change the flavor of it. Add it in the morning or in that evening cup of herbal tea before bed. Add it to your thermos of soup you take to work or add it to your favorite sauces.

However, the CBD isolate powder can lose its potency at higher temperatures, so it is not always best to have it in something that is cooked at high temperatures for long periods of time.

Use it Straight

Due to the CBD isolate having no taste or odor, you can use it as it is in the powder form. Put it under your tongue or on it to let it dissolve quickly and reap the benefits much faster.

You can also take it like a vitamin or with your morning vitamins and just swallow it down with water or juice. Take a bit before you go to sleep at night, if one of your concerns is getting better sleep or relaxing.

Make Your Own Topicals

With this CBD isolate being as versatile as it is, you can also add it to your favorite lotions, lip balm, massage oils, and any other type you may use. Often, we have a few favorite lotions and creams. But they are not always the ones with the CBD oils or substances in them.

This way, you can add your own and make as much as you like. Ideal for making up smaller portions for popping in your purse, keeping at your desk or in your locker at work or taking with you when you travel.

Making up your own topicals means you know what is in them, and you can take control over how much goes in them. You can not only add the isolate to the lotions you already have, you can make your own from scratch, as well.

CBD Isolate Patch

Just like a patch to help you stop smoking, you can make your own patch of CBD to allow a slow release into your system throughout the day. Just put it inside a small bandage and wear it where people won’t see it.

Add it to Sweeteners

If you use sugars or other powdered sweeteners, you can add some to those. You can also make up your own using a nice organic brown sugar or something healthier than refined sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Consider adding it to honey or other natural sweeteners – many you can buy or make yourself. If it is something you use every day, why not add the bonus of CBD isolate to it.


You can add the CBD isolate powder to your regular vaping products to receive the fastest response when taking CBD. There are vaping liquids available with CBD, but you can easily make your own and take control of the dosage.

Make Your Own Edibles

CBD Edibles

You can find molds for candies or chocolates anywhere, and you can make your own CBD edible treats. Here you have control over how much you use, and you can vary the strength for different uses.

Make them in different shapes or colors for their various uses, and you will always know what is in them. For example, blue for back pain and pink for anxiety. You can also use Gummies for night time, and chocolate for day time.

You can also make your own products for your pets. Many people are finding alternative healing methods for their beloved pets. Consider making some dog treats with a bit of CBD isolate for Rover before those trips to the vet or the daily tailspin when the mail comes through the door.

CBD Isolate is Pure

The CBD isolate is pure in form and so versatile. It is also nice to have control over the amounts you are taking or adding to your food or drinks. If you are new to using CBD products, it is always sensible to make sure you will have no adverse side effects from it or allergic reactions.

Always start with a smaller amount, just to get a clear idea if it is right for you and how it will affect you. Using CBD isolate is a healthy alternative for so many mental and physical health concerns; you want to know it is right for you, too.

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