Edibles vs Smoking: Why Do Edibles Give You A Different High Than Smoking?

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Cannabis Edibles Vs Smoking

As laws continue to relax around the use and sale of marijuana products, we are bound to see more on the market. Many people are not clear on what the difference is and can have different reactions to certain products.

While smoking pot and using it in food, like brownies, have existed for years, with it now being mainstream, there can be some confusion about how it will all affect you.

Let’s take a close look at the difference between edibles vs. smoking.


Consuming edibles, whether they are CBD or THC, will have a different effect over other methods of consuming these types of products. There can be many variables when it comes to edibles.

First, what type of strain was used for the edible? Some are much stronger than others. Plus, there can be a huge difference in edibles that you or your friend made compared to what you will be able to buy at a reputable dispensary.

Consuming Edibles

Eating foods or beverages that contain CBD or THC has a much different response in your body over smoking. When we eat the products, it has to travel through our systems.

As soon as you put it in your mouth, your saliva starts to break it down. Then it starts to move through your digestive system and into your liver. The liver processes these compounds and sends them out to your brain.

The reaction with edibles is much slower. Your body needs time to break down the edibles and distribute the cannabis throughout your body and make it to your brain. Where smoking gives you an instant blast to the bloodstream and the brain, your digestive system needs time to break down the food.

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The delayed reaction can be better or worse for certain people. If people are not familiar with edibles or their contents, they may eat something, feel nothing, and then eat more.

Less Control

This delayed effect can cause a lot of problems in a little while. In particular, if people are in situations where they need to be in control. Eating edibles can cause people to react differently, so people need to be cautious.

People can also eat too much, and it is difficult to gain control of themselves. Because of the delayed response, people may have difficulties functioning if they consume edibles that are too strong or take too much.

It is always best to start small, with a smaller portion that is recommended, especially if people are not familiar with the products or trying it for the first time.

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The delayed reaction is also very beneficial for many people. People can take an edible before they start to experience symptoms or time the effect for a time when they can cope.

It’s important to understand what you are consuming beforehand and know what will happen. People can also build up a tolerance and then start to take more than is recommended.


Smoking or vaping gives the consumer an instant blast of relief. The THC or CBD goes directly to the brain and bypasses the digestive system altogether. Therefore, the reaction is different than eating it.

People have a bit more control over how much they consume, as you can have one or two hits from your pot and realize the effects right away. This allows you to stop consuming and enjoy the results right away.

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Inhaling oils or pot provides an immediate effect, where edibles take much longer. The effects will last a lot longer with edibles, as well. When you smoke or vape, you will recover from the effects much faster.

It’s easier to gauge how much you want to use and buy when you know how it will affect you with smoking. Of course, regular users can build up a tolerance, and then it will require more to achieve the same desired effect.

Smoking pot directly and vaping can also have a different response. Some vape cartridges can have flavors added to them, and they have been processed. Their strength can vary where the straight flowers may be much stronger.

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Edibles vs. Smoking

It can also depend on where you purchase your pot. Buying it from a dispensary is a good idea, as you know what you will be getting. The same goes for edibles; however, they may be harder to gauge.

If you make your own edibles or even grow your own plants, then then the potency can be much stronger. If you are making your own edibles, be sure to test a smaller amount, so you know how they will affect you or others.

The reactions to each of these methods of consumption will have varying effects on different people. Weight, age, tolerance, and overall health can change the reaction.

Find Your Balance

It will come down to personal preference and your situation. If you are using the edibles or smoke for recreational purposes or medical, and are you mixing these products with other medication and or alcohol?

As the use of marijuana and its products are becoming more mainstream, there will be a lot more options available. It might take a few test runs to see what works best for you in your situation.

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The two major differences between edibles vs. smoking are the strength and duration of the effect. You might find edibles better for times when you are at home or looking for a delayed reaction.

Many people don’t like to smoke or have other health concerns that make edibles a better choice. You don’t get the after-effects of smoking when you use edibles, they are cleaner and much more convenient to use.

Try a small portion of you edible of choice when you first purchase them as your response will be different from other peoples. As always, check with your healthcare provider to make sure these products will be safe and not interfere with any other medication you are taking or cause an allergic reaction.

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