Canadian Moms Battle Cannabis Stigma

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Moms Fight Cannabis Stigma
Moms Fighting Cannabis Stigma

It has been a long held complaint that women, especially mothers who use marijuana suffer more stigma than men. To combat this, Canadian mother Shannon Chiarenza launched her website shortly after legalization, but the battle continues.

“Hollie Quinn, founder of the 420 Moms Facebook page said while coming out as a cannabis user may threaten mothers’ jobs, friends, and family support, one of the most important factors poisoned by stigma is children’s friendships.”

Some parents won’t let their children play with kids whose parents consume cannabis but have no problem if their parents drink alcohol. Go figure.

We’re glad to see people , especially mothers confronting cannabis stigma head on. Weed Mama is a great resource for all parents who consume cannabis and who want help talking to their kids about it. There are also a whole host of other resources for parents popping up around the internet.

Mom Apie Binkley, 33, said judgment from other people is what motivated her to create Stoner Moms, a Facebook community that’s amassed nearly 24,000 followers since its launch in 2011.

“My kids aren’t sitting next to me and getting a ‘contact high,’ I don’t have bongs sitting out masquerading as flower vases, and I’m not gonna offer the neighborhood kids a hit from my bowl, We aren’t lazy, our houses aren’t piles of messes everywhere because we’re too busy smoking.”

Have you faced this sort of stigma? Let us know in the comments.

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