What is Gold Seal Hash?


Gold seal hash is steeped in tradition. Originally produced in the northern provinces of Afghanistan, it’s now available expertly hand-pressed in Canada. The delicious aromas and high potency of gold seal hash will give you a real sense of nostalgia, and take you back to the years when hash was more commonplace. There’s nothing quite […]

Edibles vs Smoking: Why Do Edibles Give You A Different High Than Smoking?

edibles vs smoking featured image

As laws continue to relax around the use and sale of marijuana products, we are bound to see more on the market. Many people are not clear on what the difference is and can have different reactions to certain products. While smoking pot and using it in food, like brownies, have existed for years, with […]

A Beginners Guide to the Different Types of Concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates

Whether you are new to the beneficial properties of CBD or a seasoned pro, you still may have some confusion about certain products. As more products and methods if consuming CBD become available, it can be a bit overwhelming. It’s encouraging to see people looking for alternatives to heal themselves more naturally, and it is […]