How Long do Edibles Stay in Your System? Here is What You Need to Know

Cannabis Edibles

With more and more people having legal access to marijuana, people are discovering the benefits and ease of edible products. They are far easier to take, have a different effect, and are so convenient. Of course, they will also show up in a drug test, if you are someone who is subjected to them. How […]

Where to Buy Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bars


Looking for where to find the best Delta 8 THC chocolate bars in the entire world? Over the past several years, the purchasing and selling of a certain organic hemp-derived chemical compound have become massively popular in comparison to all of the other hemp-extract cannabinoids out there. In fact, the popularity of this certain cannabinoid […]

Delta-8 THC Products You Can Find In-Store


If you are interested in the cannabis market, you have most likely heard about delta-8 THC. This cannabinoid has been featured in many product lines by different brands. It has been consistently shown to provide benefits that one would not normally get with the better-known cannabis compounds, delta-9 THC (regular THC) and CBD. The people […]

Shatter Bars versus Regular Shatter


When you’re looking to enjoy your cannabis experience, you may want to do it in the most discreet and simple manner for your lifestyle. This often means trying to find a form that works for your lifestyle. This is where shatter bars work perfectly. When you think of the word shatter bars, it’s natural if […]

What is Gold Seal Hash?


Gold seal hash is steeped in tradition. Originally produced in the northern provinces of Afghanistan, it’s now available expertly hand-pressed in Canada. The delicious aromas and high potency of gold seal hash will give you a real sense of nostalgia, and take you back to the years when hash was more commonplace. There’s nothing quite […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Smoke Weed


Since the legalization of weed in Canada, it’s now much more widely available. Legalization has also helped to ensure the quality of cannabis products and there’s also the convenience of buying weed online. Canada has a wide range of websites that are officially certified to sell weed, so if you’ve never tried it before there […]

How Easy is it to Buy Weed Online in Canada?


Since the legalization of the sale of cannabis in Canada, it’s now easier to buy weed online. Many people are still unsure of how it works, however, and what this means according to the new law. Weed is now legal in Canada for recreational use, whereas previously it was restricted to medical purposes. As long […]

What Does 420 Mean? The Origins of 420

What Does 420 Mean?

What does 420 mean? Chances are, you’ve probably heard this term used online or in cannabis related conversations. For a very long time, the 420 phrase has been connected to the idea of weed and hashish, but a lot of people don’t understand it, nor do they identify what it means. We are here to […]