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  • I confirm that I have chosen my right to use cannabis or cannabis products of my choice that adversely affects my quality of life. Cannabis provides substantial relief and improvement of my condition(s).
    I understand that the benefits and risks associated with the use of cannabis is not fully understood and may involve risks that may not be identified.
  • I did not obtain my recommendation for the use of cannabis by fraud or misrepresentation.
  • I am not seeking membership for any fraudulent or law enforcement purposes.
  • I agree to obtain cannabis from King Canna for myself only. Purchasing for others, trading with or sharing cannabis products purchased from King Canna is not permitted and will result in loss of membership we hold the right to refuse renewal/entry at anytime for any reason.
  • I will treat King Canna staff with courtesy and respect.
  • I agree to use my cannabis responsibly. I will not operate heavy machinery or motor vehicles while under the influence.
  • I will not transport any of my medical cannabis across international borders or anywhere outside of Canada.
  • I have read and understand this thoroughly. By making a purchase online through King Canna’s website I hereby agree to the terms and agreements of King Canna Online Dispensary.