Announcing Our New Loyalty Program

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If you’ve been on our site hopefully you’ve noticed some pretty big changes. We will detailing all of them but perhaps the most exciting one is our new Canna Coins loyalty program. You may have noticed the new Canna Coins tab in your account dashboard.

You can now earn Canna Coins that are redeemable for purchases in our online dispensary.

  • $1 spent = 10 Canna Coins
  • 1000 Canna Coins = $1
  • New Members get 15000 Canna Coins

All of this is in addition to the $50 OFF coupon that new members receive during our extended promotion.

Other ways to earn Canna Coins:

  • Leave reviews for products you have purchased – 1000 points
  • Comment on a blog post – 500 Canna Coins
  • Spend over $200 – 1000 Canna Coins

How to Redeem Your Canna Coins

Simply go to the My Canna Coins Tab in your account dashboard, select the number of Canna Coins you want to redeem and then generate a coupon code that you can apply at checkout.

Reddem Canna Coins at King Canna
Redeem Canna Coins from the “My Account” Page at King Canna

Other Upgrades

In addition to Canna Coins we’ve also been updating the following features to our online dispensary.

Easier Registration System for Existing store members

If you are an existing member at one of our stores you need to keep an eye out for an email from us detailing how to register for online purchasing. Since you are an existing member we have streamlined the account creation process so you can create your account with us without having to upload your ID. All you’ll need to do is set your username and password at the link we send you in the email. You should have received one of these emails already. If you have not – please contact us.

Product Reviews

You can now leave reviews for products. As mentioned above, you also earn 1000 Canna Coins for leaving a review.



One thought on “Announcing Our New Loyalty Program

  1. Maethor says:


    Just wanted to mention that a couple of the flower descriptions that I have read, have been the wrong description under the wrong bud name.

    I am trying to complete my order with flowers, however, I don’t know if the name of the flower is wrong or if it is the description.

    Please advise. I have a full cart ready to be topped off and completed.

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